Custom Handling

Single Window CHA benefits

S.No Single CHA Multiple CHA
1 Shipment wise allotment is smooth Shipment wise allotment is separate
2 Operation activities will be streamline (Time and Hidden Cost Effectiveness will increase) Operation activities will add up more work load to keep tracking each task with different CHA
3 Brand / Price / Policies will be in one hand with discreet Brand / Price / Policies will be disclose to multiples ( non-discreet)
4 Customs Clearance strength will help to educate officers about product , price & keep control on faster assessment till clearance Multi will vary the customs strength / contradictions in education to officers on product & price, control will be loosen , clearance time will vary
5 We can depute In-House our staff to work under your team in Imports and factory site to have better control and to give ease to your team You need to hire specialise staffs
6 Can create link between operations → Imports → Factory based on production line requirement make Priority Clearances without halting Separately you have to focus and involve more in multiple level s for each task
7 Freight Forwarding / nominating liners to handle each shipment from Origin till Destination under single control as Multimodal Transporter Multiple handling / task / Operational activities have to manage by your team

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